IOL Community Groups

As leaders, you are taking on the problems, struggles, and weight of your company, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Join the IOL Community Groups where you will find other leaders who can help you work through those problems.

Every leader needs encouragement, accountability, creative ideas, and friendship! We promise you will get all of this and a bag of chips with the IOL community groups!

6 reasons to show up


Each group session will allow each member time to share what is heavy on their hearts. This is a safe place where you can unload. Everyone needs a group where they can be honest. 


Accountability is where things get done! Having a group of people that are cheering for you to hit your goals will lift your soul. The "To Do" list keeps growing and your group will be here to make sure you get the top priorities worked on with accountability. 


IOL Community Groups are a place where you can learn from others how to attack those problems weighing you down. No one has to figure it all out on their own. Instead, you will find a group willing to jump in the boat with you and find creative ways to solve your problems.

Be EncourageD

You need to hear the words "You Got This!" and "You Are Normal!" We are here to let you know what everyone needs a group cheering them on to victory. You will get filled with positive thoughts to lead others forward. 

Gain Resources

You will learn from others what they have read, listened to, and been told. Sharing is caring! No one has all the answers, but it's powerful when others share their knowledge with you. 

Have Fun

Leadership is a lot of things, but cute is not one of them! Therefore, you must come to the group ready to smile, laugh, and maybe jam out to your favorite song. Business is stressful, but leadership growth shouldn't be. 

Ready to experience our IOL Community Groups?