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Exclusive Content

As a member, you will get exclusive leadership content with blogs, courses, expert guest contributors, stories, and events in the community. You can't afford to miss the investment this community will pour into you as a member. 

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Great Connections

The community network will give members access to like-minded leaders across the world. We come from many industries, but we face the same leadership struggles. We will learn and grow together. No one drifts into excellence alone! 

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Personalized Coaching

You will be given a dedicated coach to help you live your best personal and professional lives. We will speak the truth with love and respect. It's important to have someone that will hold the mirror in front of you with an unbiased evaluation and give honest feedback. We will be there to push you forward and high-five you as you grow! 

benefit #4

Rediscover Fun in Leadership

Over 86% of leaders are feeling burnout in 2021. This has climbed 60% since the pandemic. Laugh, cry, or punch a hole in the wall. We can't make your problems disappear, but we will do everything we can to get you to smile, laugh, and feel better in the IOL community.

Based on real world leadership experience

Patrick Booth, CEO

He has spent the past 20 years learning how to build an executive team that can run the business for him. He successfully transitioned between his parents and him to be the second generation to own the business. He had nine different positions before becoming the CEO, and each one required Patrick to grow and be better. This knowledge will be shared with everyone that joins the IOL community. 

Steve Scherer, Vice President

He has crossed over multiple industries and held several leadership positions to build his career knowledge that will fill your mind. School is in session, and Steve will take you further in your leadership growth than ever before. Everything is taught with purpose and intention. Welcome to the IOL community, where Steve will sharpen your psychological leadership skills to take your team to victory.

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