we were created for community. 

Leadership can be isolating. 

you weren't made to do this on your own.

Why community?

Simply put, we need it.  To lead with effectiveness we need more than a book or a podcast.  We need people around us who will have our back.  We need accountability.  We need ideas.  We need encouragement.  

"Faster alone, further together."

You've seen the quote on social media and we believe it to be true.  Having a tribe will ensure you realize your leadership potential.  

Groups that Connect 

Encouragement, accountability & Instruction

Groups are designed to bring leaders together in order to gain traction on the most important things.  

Hear how other leaders they're winning in business.  And how they've failed along the way. Direct goal setting, real-life application, idea exchange, and open discussion are a few elements you can expect.


We are constantly evolving groups to meet your needs and increase your connection with other community members. 


Resources to equip

Podcasts, blogs, & Courses to aid in your growth

Find what you need.  Consume when you can.

Whether it's a specific leadership challenge you're facing right now or a topic you find interesting, our resources are designed to meet you where you're at.  Literally and philosophically.  

Grab a podcast for your run.  Read a blog to gain perspective.  Go through a course to deepen your roots.


Events that grow us 

There's no replacement for being in-person.

One lesson that was loud and clear during the covid craziness: We can stay connected while physically apart.  But it's not the same.  


As we're able, IOL will have in-person events but until that time we will have guest contributors hold webinars and Q&A deep dives with podcast interviewees.


We don't know what will happen with covid, but we will keep moving forward.

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