It's about your growth

IOL exists to strengthen your impact


4 steps to increase your impact

Step 1


All of the content at IOL is for your benefit as a leader.  But we're not a fit for everyone. 

Click around and see if the IOL community is a place that could help you get equipped, connected, and grow in your influence.

Step 2


You're either getting better or worse, there's no middle option.  The best way to grow is to learn.  Between the Advisory Groups, One-on-One Coaching, Podcasts, Blogs, and Guest Contributors there's a lot to take in.   Being a member gets you access to public and exclusive content.

Step 3


There's a time for taking in and a time for giving away.  We believe the richest relationships are formed by serving.  Give away your ideas, advice, and stories of failure.  The health of the community is dependant on its members.  As a member, you can post a success story, access brainstorming sessions, and create small groups yourself.  

Step 4


Our hope is that you take what's gained from the IOL community and give it away.  Refill your cup so you can pour into your team and family and then they can pass it on to others.  Forward a podcast.  Start a mentoring relationship.  Talk about your mistakes.  It all matters.  Bringing people along on the journey is how a true, lasting impact is made and why the IOL community exists. 

Invest in your leadership

Be equipped, get connected and grow as a leader while having fun.